Hi there,

Do you want to know my secret to making 7 figures online?

It’s simple.

Product creation.

But not cheap, throwaway info products.

I’m talking about automated software that gets traffic.

Here’s why…



Traffic software sells like CRAZY!


Unlike most “take-it-or-leave-it” products, people happily rip open their wallets and plunk down $47, $97 or sometimes $497 for a tool that gets them traffic and exposure.

I should know.

With 40 software tools sold, 1000’s of happy customers and loads more apps in development…

… I can safely say…

… developing and selling software is your first class ticket to a successful online business


But there’s a problem, right?


Creating software isn’t easy.


And it doesn’t stop there.

Once your software is built, you need to find testers…

… then tweak the design…

… then fix code.

Bottom line?


It can take months to build a
powerful piece of software!

Oh, and did I mention the $5,000 you’ll need to get the project off the ground?

No wonder so many people give up, or never even try to create their own software.


But today, I’m giving you a massive
shortcut to selling your own
powerful viral traffic tool…

without the headache of starting from scratch…

… and without spending thousands in development costs.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve created what I believe is the ultimate Facebook marketing
tool for getting likes, fans, leads and sales the easy way.

Today, I’m about to grant exclusive whitelabel rights to it. Which
means you can sell user accounts under your name to your own customers…

without any of the building, testing or design hassles getting in your way!


Facebook contests are huge. Here’s why:

  • People are encouraged to share your contest in order to win a prize. This creates a flow of free, viral traffic.
  • People like your page. Once they like your page, you’ll keep appearing in their news feeds.
  • People subscribe to your list. Which means you can promote offers directly to their legitimate email address (the same email they use for facebook!)


That’s why so many businesses are
running contests, including…

  • Dove soaps
  • Macy’s
  • Hollywood blockbuster releases
  • And even local hair salons!

And with FB CONTEST ENGINE, contests are even more user friendly and viral than ever before…

because unlike most Facebook contests, there’s no need to wait for page reloads.  FB CONTEST ENGINE makes the whole process simple, eye catching, glitch free and easy to share with friends.

Which means more likes, shares, leads and sales from every contest you run!


Check it out…

See how slick this contest is?

FB CONTEST ENGINE leverages the power of Facebook contests to build email lists, fans and leads…

… and makes the whole process smooth, simple and visually engaging.

Now, let me be clear…

… I have NEVER sold FB CONTEST
ENGINE in public before!

In fact, if I wasn’t so busy with other projects, I’d be preparing to launch this and make
tens of thousands selling it
for myself.

But my hands are tied with other stuff…

… and that’s why I’m passing this rare opportunity over to you

… so you can sell it as your own…


… and make 100% profit with every


Forget affiliate commissions.

As a white label reseller, you’ll get 100% of every single sale… and because it has never been released before you won’t have the usual heavy competition that most affiliates or PLR buyers have.


Here’s a detailed look under the hood of FB CONTEST ENGINE…


Check out the clean, user friendly interface too…


Your customers can log in and retrieve lost passwords easily using our secure login system


The powerful Dashboard section is the central hub for all contest activity in your App, and in a user’s account.

Here, customers create their contest, pick winners, export data and manage all their campaigns from one central location.

You can also manage user accounts for your customers, providing maximum flexibility.


There’s no need to struggle when it comes to making your contests look slick and engaging. Our built-in image library has 50+ custom background images  ready to go.

You can edit any color in the system with these simple color pickers. Use the amazing content transition option to set what type of animated transition occurs between each step of the contest process. This will increase engagement and contest entries as it removes the need for a slow page reload.

The visual button builder lets you finely control the style of the button used to move past each step of the process


All our custom background images appear in a clear pop-up, ready for you to use. You can add your own custom backgrounds also and have them upload into your contest, or drop them into your folder on your server and they will appear here.


Not everyone is an HTML guru so we have included a cool visual editor, but it also has an HTML mode if you need that flexibility. You can add links, videos…whatever you need, with only a few clicks.


Get the business intelligence you need with the powerful user management system. See full details, delete old users and analyze who is entering all of your contests.


This lets you pull up the full and detailed info Facebook gives us about a user, and how many points they have earned in your contest.


Our app automatically picks a winner for you based on who has the most points for completing viral activity, or it lets you choose a winner by random with a click of the “randomize table” button.

You can also export the full contest to a CSV file, perfect for creating a report for a client you run a contest for.


Creating contests is just one part of FB Contest Engine, you are getting the full white label app here so you can rename it and resell login accounts to your own customers.

The app has a full admin system so you can manage these user accounts, login as members to run their contests or troubleshoot, delete members and also give a sign-up URL for use in your payment system.

  And to make sure you’re up and running smoothly, I’ve included a…

Full training suite

You’ll receive full written documentation, help desk access and training videos on how to set everything up. Even though it’s simple as pie to set up and run… … and even though our powerful installer takes all the hassle away… … there’s full support if you (or your buyers) need it.

It doesn’t get easier than this…

No need to sell downloadable software. Simply install FB CONTEST ENGINE on your server and sell user accounts for top dollar. During installation, simply choose your own product name and enter it in the installer. When your buyers login, that’s the name they will see. Not my name, not my website, but yours. Easy huh? So all you have to do is handle support and tell FB CONTEST ENGINE where to send your money. Speaking of payments…

How much money can you make selling FB CONTEST ENGINE?

fb-contest-boxYou can charge whatever you like, but as a guideline, I usually charge between $47 and $97 per user account, for each of my software tools. And because you’re selling user accounts (not downloadable software) you can even charge a monthly payment if you like. Either way, please don’t undersell it. There are thousands of people that will pay good money to use FB CONTEST ENGINE to get traffic and leads. With a little effort, you can easily set yourself up with a several thousand dollar per month income with this tool alone. How? Because…

The demand is everywhere

It’s not just people who hang out on marketing forums and email lists that need traffic, likes, fans, leads and sales. Think of the thousands of solo ads opportunities…1376197868_Junior_Icon_04_2direct mail campaigns… … blog advertising… … joint ventures with niche specific marketers… … big brands, mom n’ pop stores, marketing agencies… … there’s a whole world of people out there that need traffic. 

So let’s talk about your investment…

Here’s the truth… 1376198459_Under-constructionTo create a tool like FB Contest Engine from scratch would cost you a lot of time and money. First, there’s the $500+ for a designer to create the layouts, backgrounds and everything else you need. Then the search for a developer begins. You could hire an individual or a development firm, but be prepared to pay $3000+ for a tool at this level. Finally, you need to hire a tester for 20+ hours to make sure everything works. At $15 per hour, that is another $300. As you can see, the cost of developing software like this is going to run you around $4000 or more… …and that’s before the months of trial and error, learning software management skills, dealing with staff, recruiting, project management… … it’s expensive and it’s hard work.

So what would you pay to avoid all that hassle?

And more importantly… … what would you pay to have a tool that thousands of people will happily pay you $47, $97 or even $197 for access to? A tool that only 99 other people are licensed to sell… … so you’ll have a wide open space to cash in like crazy as a reseller? What would you pay to kick-start a business that can easily put thousands in your pocket each month? Considering the $4000 + it would take to create this tool from scratch… … and the massive ROI potential… … would it be fair to charge you $1999 for this tool?

But I’m going to do something utterly crazy…



I’m going to grant your exclusive whitelabel license for just… … $397! Yep, that’s right. I’m giving you and just 99 other early birds your own white-label reseller license to FB CONTEST ENGINE for just $397!

See, I know I could charge more.

In fact, maybe I will.


But the reason I’m practically giving
this away is simple…

  • First, I realize there are plenty of people out there that just need a break. They want something that will finally set them apart and into the world of big money online… but they don’t have the thousands in start-up funding and the bank won’t lend it either.
  • Secondly, doing amazing deals, it also keeps folks coming back, talking me up and referring others to my offers, website and list, which sets me up nicely for the future.
  • And finally, another $20, $30 or even $50k would be nice, but really, I have enough money to be happy in life… and I have the ability to keep creating tools that are popular best-sellers. So, it doesn’t hurt to give a little back once in a while and create good Karma :)

And to really take this to the next level…


As part of your investment today,
you’ll also get…

  • 20 background images for your Contest Campaigns: No need to hire a designer, you have our built in patterns or these full screen background designs that will increase user engagement. These have been created specifically for FB Contest Engine – value $500
  • “Facebook Marketing Made Easy” unbranded training guide that you can reuse with your customers – value $197
  • Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet for easy reference and guidance on Facebook marketing, another “added value” asset you can use for lead generation purposes with your potential contest customers –  value $97

These essential bonuses will help you sell FB CONTEST ENGINE to potential buyers, get better results for your users and save you even more time getting set up.

That’s why these bonuses alone make up a REAL life value of $1194.


So what are you waiting for?

Gear-IconThis kind of opportunity doesn’t come around too often. Are you going to embrace it, start selling a powerful and hugely in-demand Facebook marketing tool, without a massive cash outlay…

… or are you going to pass it all up, leave that cash on the table and keep fumbling through the hard way?

Either way…

This offer will not be open forever. Now is your chance.

1376198968_clockRemember, there are thousands of people who are looking for ways to get traffic to their offers on Facebook. There’s no reason why you can use this opportunity to kick-start a 4 digit per month income stream.

And you don’t need to plonk down thousands to get started… or spend months slaving over the product development.

I’ve done all the hard work for you.

Now you can sell this hugely powerful, in-demand software as your own.

But this won’t be around for much longer.

In fact, the last time I did something like this, the licenses were sold out within 72 hrs. Can you afford to let such a huge opportunity to slip through your fingers? If not, then hit the order button below and lock in your license before it’s too late.